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Below you will find  some  of the available trims for your custom garments.  Prices are determined by trim style and placement on your clothing. Please inquire. Often the smaller trims can be used in combinations or multiple rows for an incredible look.  The trims on this page are for our gowns and are not sold individually.  See us at for our complete wedding , menswear, children's and renaissance gown selections.

Email us at or call 1-339-440-1766 for more information.


Stock Trims

#G629 3/8" Metallic Braid
gold, silver, copper, bronze
1/4" Metallic Braid
gold, silver, copper, bronze
#G572 3/4" Metallic Braid
gold, silver
#G634 1-1/2" Metallic Gimp Braid
gold, silver
#G647 Fairyscroll
1/2" wide
Silver, Gold
1" Fine Metallic Braid
gold only
#G663 1-3/8" Gold Gimp Braid
gold or silver
3/4" Metallic Braid
gold, silver 
5/8" Metallic Braid
gold, silver
1/2" Metallic Braid
gold, silver
1/8" Metallic Twisted Cord
gold, silver
1/8" Metallic Cord
gold, silver
5-1/2" x 2" Metallic Frog Closure
gold, silver

Black gold cording,

3/8" Metallic Gimp Cordedge with tape
white/gold, black/gold, black/silver
3/8" Rayon Cordedge with tape
navy, white, ivory, black, red
3/8" Rayon Cordedge with tape
green, white, ivory,  brown, black, silver, charcoal, navy, royal blue, moss, pink, wine, red, plum, maize, old gold
#G1353 1/2" Rayon Military Braid
old gold
5/8" Rayon Braid
white, black, ecru
#G1069 3/4" Rayon Braid
white, ivory, black
3/4" Rayon Braid
white, black
#G13551/2" Rayon Braid
white, black, ivory
1/2" Rayon Braid
black, white, ecru
#G1855 9" x 2-1/2"  Embroidery
silver, gold,
3/4" Rayon Pyramid Braid
black, white

Click on these trims to see detailed view:


Celtic Elizabethan & Tudor Woven Trims


Gold, Blue, Silver, Burgundy, Mustard
#C1101 Narrow

Gold, Blue, Silver, Burgundy, Mustard
#C1102 Wide

Green Silver, Gold, Burgundy, Mustard
#C1105 narrow

Green Silver, Gold, Burgundy, Mustard
#C1106 wide

Ivory, Burgundy Green old gold narrow

#C0013 Ivory, Burgundy Green old gold wide

#C-regal gold

#C600 woven Knot gold

#C600 woven Knot Silver

#C3045 Burgundy Beige Leaf

#C3045 Ivory Beige Leaf
#0004Ionablue wide

Chocolate Beige Orange narrow

Chocolate Beige Orangewide

Special Order Trims:

Silver, Gold,


1.5" Metallic Scroll Lace
Silver or Gold






7 7/8" Metallic Embroidery

Silver or Gold with Silver.


Clearance Trims

Special clearance on this trims please inquire about us using them on your garments.

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